Work in Progress

Pay Transparency and Gender Equality (with E. Duchini, A. Turrell, and J. Blundell)

Do Second Chances Pay Off? Evidence from a Natural Experiment with Low-Achieving Students
(with A. Bizopoulou and R. Megalokonomou), submitted

Dimensions of Cognitive Ability and Economic Decision Making (with T. Sulka)

The Internationalisation of British Universities: Dividend or Deterrent?

Demographic Bulges and Labour Market Outcomes


Does pay transparency contribute to improving gender equality in the labour market? A review of the literature (with E. Duchini and A. Turrell) in preparation for the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance

Charging for Higher Education: Estimating the Impact on Inequality and Student Outcomes (with G. Azmat) - The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 2021; 21(1): 175–239

Exposing the Glass Ceiling: Hiring Practices and Gender Equality in the UK Labour Market (with E. Duchini), CAGE Advantage Magazine, Autumn 2020